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SUNY Scramble, GOP Chair Langworthy, ‘Cancel Rent’, Zohran Mamdani

September 4, 2020

On this week's edition of New York NOW: State Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy joins us to discuss his party's strategy for winning key swing districts this year, including some that could win them control of the State Senate.

More than 300 cases of COVID-19 are diagnosed at a SUNY school in upstate New York, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo rails against President Trump over proposed funding cuts. Marina Villeneuve from the Associated Press is here to discuss.

Zohran Mamdani is one of a handful of democratic socialists who will join the state Legislature next year. He joins us to talk about his plans for when he takes office in January.

And it's the start of the month, so the rent is due. Democrats want to 'cancel rent' but some say that could do more harm that good. Vito Signorile from the Rent Stabilization Association explains their perspective.


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